How do I get more Dropshipping Sales on Shopify?

How do I get more Dropshipping Sales on Shopify?

If you have just launched a dropshipping store, or have been running a store for quite some time, there are several different elements to make it a success. In this article, we will cover the best ways to research trending products and advertising that will get results.

Winning Products

The majority of Shopify stores fail because they can’t find trending products that will sell online. Finding successful products will mainly boil down to how good your product research is and the amount of time you spend looking at trending products.

Look for these qualities when deciding on a winning product:
● It should be unique.
● The wow factor.
● The quality should be impeccable.

After, considering the qualities of a top-selling product, you can try Aliexpress for your product research. However, due to the distance of you to the manufacturer, it typically takes a long time for products to arrive.

We would generally suggest you consider a nearby manufacturer or a website similar to Aliexpress such as Spocket.

Spocket is a site that allows you to find items and dropship them directly to your customers easily. Spocket suppliers are generally from closer regions, like the US and Europe, and offer fast shipping and exclusive deep discounts on each item.

Now, instead of waiting for a couple of months, you can ship your products to customers in only a week or two.

You can also try One Click Ecom, Ecomprofithub, and Niche Scraper for variation purposes or insights on what winning products other Dropshipping business are selling.

Branding that Pops

After you have picked a top selling product, the next thing you need to do is ask the manufacturer for the banners or creatives of the product.

Then after that, what you can do is personalise the creative or banners to suit your brand. This will help you to create attention-grabbing adverts that people will see online.

If you don't have experience with a tool like Photoshop, you can try Canva for editing things, so it matches the brand and message that you want to send to your consumers.

Colour scheme and colour preference make or brakes your product so choose these wisely.

The easiest way is to check other branding ads based on the audience they are reaching. If you know this brand sells well online that is usually a good sign that their brand resonates with their target audience.

Tiktok Influencers

Why does TikTok help you rake in more sales?
Despite some people seeing TikTok as 'younger product' it attracts a wide range of demographics. 38% of TikTok's users within the US are above 30 based on a survey made by

A 2019 study by Influencer Marketing Hub says that Tiktok's beats all other platforms when it comes to engagement levels across accounts of all sizes.

Through TikTok, you can choose which influencer you want to collaborate with or hire.

Start by looking at which influencer has  200k + followers and 200k + likes per video, and comments should be a lot.

But it comes down to what content or audience influencers make and reach. Narrow your selection down based on deciding what your product or brand you want to be associated with online.


Be patient when doing your product research, ensuring that you look for products that have had previous selling success. When picking your branding and possible influencers, it will be important to ensure that they are all congruent with your target audience. Think about other brands and how they advertise to a similar group of people during this stage.

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