Marketing for Law Firms

Marketing for Law Firms

Marketing your law firm well can help you increase your number of clients and help you grow your firm. However, competition is fierce, especially if you’re in a larger city like London. In this post, we cover marketing for law firms, helping you to get ahead of your competition and reach more potential leads.

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Build a brand

Whether your law firm has been helping clients for decades or it is still in its infancy, building a strong brand works wonders for your marketing. It helps you meet expectations and improve trust in your firm. Your brand should be based on your company values, your target market, and how you want your law firm to be portrayed. We’ve written various posts on branding to help you get started, but feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like some help!



This is something most law firms do already, but it’s important that this is made clear to those who view your marketing material. Split your services up into separate pages so that visitors on your website know exactly what you can do for them. The more specific you are and the more examples you can give, the clearer it will be to people what you offer and whether or not you can help them out. This not only helps you appeal to the right people, but it also helps save time by reducing the number of calls and messages for services you don’t offer.


SEM works best

It should be no surprise that when someone is looking for legal help, one of the first places they go to is Google. Unfortunately, this means that search engine ads and organic listings are highly competitive. Although competition on these marketing channels is fierce, they’re one of the best places to get in front of your target audience. Even if you want to do most of your marketing yourself, it can be extremely beneficial to get a marketing professional on board to help optimise your website and search engine advertising campaigns.


Build referral systems

Besides Google searches, referrals are another great way of reaching potential clients. When someone is referred by a friend, colleague, or family member, they tend to already have a certain level of trust in your firm. This means that referral clients are some of the best clients out there! There are various referral systems you can put into place to help encourage referrals to your law firm, helping you reach more people with less effort.


Be available

Being available to answer questions and offer some free advice can work wonders for your marketing. This doesn’t have to be limited to calls either and making sure you’re available on the communication channels that your target market uses is very important. If you focus on consumers, it’s probably worth creating a company page on Facebook and listing a range of apps where they can get hold of you. By being available, you can build trust and a strong reputation in your community.


Become an authority in your industry

Whether you prefer writing blog posts, creating educational videos, or starting a podcast, there are many ways you can build your law firm’s reputation. Although it may seem counter intuitive – after all, you’re giving out free advice to people – this form of marketing can be extremely effective. In most cases, those that tune in will still need a law firm to represent them and any that don’t would not have been the right clients for you anyway. By reaching more people and building your reputation, you can reach more leads and ultimately sign better clients.

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Optimise your sales process

There are many ways to optimise your sales process, and it doesn’t have to result in the “salesy” tone that everyone dislikes. An easy way of doing this is by packaging your services where possible. Although not always possible, certain services can be packaged into a bundle which makes it clear what someone will get for a set price, reducing friction during the sales process. Another important aspect of optimising your sales process is setting clear expectations on your site and social media channels. Give an indication of how long a process takes, what payment structures you offer, and what steps are needed for specific services. This will help potential clients know what to expect.



One of the most important ways to build trust is to grow the number of positive reviews your business has online. By collecting reviews on Google My Business, Clutch, LinkedIn, Trust Pilot, or any other relevant review platforms, you can increase your exposure and improve your reputation online. You can automate most of this process by adding a link to leave a review in your email footer or setting up email automation software to automatically send out an email asking for a review after completing a project. By responding to all reviews you get, you can further help to improve your law firm’s image by showing you engage with people who mention you.


PR and guest appearances

By getting featured in newspapers and other relevant media channels like industry blogs, magazines, and YouTube channels, you can further improve your reach and reputation. Just a few features per year can already make a big difference, and also comes with some other benefits too, like SEO benefits and increased reach on your social media channels.


If you have any questions about this post or would like help with the marketing for your law firm, feel free to give us a call or send us a message to see how we can help you in achieving your marketing goals.

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