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Beyond Joinery

Previously: YK Joinery

Brand Positioning - Visual Identity Design - Website Design - Pay Per Click - Video Production

Positioning & Marketing

Yuriy and his team had a very successful business creating stunning, bespoke joinery for his clients. However, their brand YK Joinery was not positioned appropriately for the audience they wished to reach. 

With our expertise, we were able to rebrand their existing business with logo design, expert web design,  pay-per-click advertisement and video content.

Below you can see how we rewrote their story, in order to grow their business.

Where were they?

YK Joinery are a successful company, although their Brand Image and Brand Position did not allow them to tell the right story to the right customer. Their previous logo design and website design did not convey the quality of bespoke consumer-focused products they had to offer, and instead had a commercial, industrial aesthetic which failed to identify the emotional needs of their target audience.

YK Joinery approached us to help them rewrite their story. We assessed their needs and identified the steps we needed to take in order to position their brand and rebrand their company.

Brand Positioning

With our Brand Position Workshop, we were able to work with YK Joinery and identify how they need to position themselves in their market to target their desired audience. With a focus on the delivery of many types of joinery and supplying to the commercial market, we identified a clear niche for specialising within the lucrative bespoke wardrobe sector.

Beyond Joinery was conceptualised, and their story told:

Beyond Joinery

Make a Statement

Make a statement with our dream wardrobes, expertly designed, and built for you


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Brand Identity Design

From the brand position we identified that what Yuriy and his team produced was way above normal joinery, they created statements of design. Our team worked on creating a brand that pronounced the ethos of the company going "Beyond Joinery".

With a full in-house branding and design service we curated an identity for Beyond Joinery which resonated with their audience.


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Performance Content

Looking great is not enough. We worked with the project designers at Beyond to find the projects that were the most commercially viable, and which brought the most value to their customers. With our Performance Content Package, we sat down with Beyond Joinery and created product packages which provided clear, concise pricing for customers. We branded these product packages inline with their newly formed Brand Position and which would go on to become an integral part of the website landing page design.


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Video Content

In order for Beyond Joinery to build trust with their newly targeted audience, we spent a day shooting a video with one of their best clients. Our bespoke testimonial video production allowed their audience to really understand why Yuriy and his team were a cut above the other joinery companies out there.


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Bespoke Web Design

Like all our work, we designed a bespoke website and landing page for Beyond Joinery that provides a user experience worthy of services they were offering. With in-house front and back end website development services, we ensured that the website had the right content to improve conversion, as well it being engineered for the best Search Engine Optimisation and ongoing Website Maintenance.