Rebrand and Website for legal firm Surenity Employment Law

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Surenity Employment Law approached us as they wanted to develop a new brand which would specialise in Employment Law..


Following our proven 7 step program, we established that the main reason people chose a law firm, is that they feel a personal connection with them.

They want to use a company who has their best interests at heart and doesn't just want to charge them a high hourly fee without understanding their business.

Surenity Employment Law took this and developed the Brand Position Statement "We've Got Your Back" to ensure that even subconsciously, the site always appeals to the emotional fear that someone will not work with someone who has their best interests in mind.

After the brand strategy was agreed, we looked at a range of colour schemes and fonts that would appeal to their ideal customer.

Surenity Employment Law knew that they were not the cheapest company in the market and that the brand would need to appeal to clients who were prepared to spend a little more money to ensure they had great quality.

We developed a classic Serif font as well as a navy blue and gold colour scheme which would work for many years to come.


Through our experience in building websites we knew that video would help increase conversions by up to 80%. RACER developed product explainer videos and process videos to make it clear how Surenity can provide expert legal services in a clear and concise way.