Video Generates 10% More Sales for Ecommerce Platform

Through adding video which explains their offering, Photo4Me were able to increase sales from their website.

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web design
web design
web design

Photo4Me has had over 20 years experience selling online, but needed an uplift.

After one of our Brand Positioning Workshops we discovered that emotion is what we really resonates with their target audience.

Capturing the attention of visitors by reminding them of a location they have visited in the past.

Once we established their owned emotional selling point we created a new more modern brand that we felt would grab the attention of their target audience.

During this time we ran Conversion Rate Optimisation and discovered that some of their older site visitors were struggling to find the information they needed fast.

We added video to the page and positioned it in all the right locations where customers would be looking for information.

As soon as we added video to the site, Photo4Me gained an increase of sales of over 10%.