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Rebrand for Intrepid Protection

Intrepid Protection

Intrepid Protection is 'a quintessentially British provider of specialist security services to corporate and high net worth clients based in Kensington, London.'

Visual Identity Journey

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Screenshot of website at desktop size.
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The Story



Marketing is storytelling, but how can you tell the right story, to the right audience?

Ed, the Managing Director of Intrepid Risk Management, approached us to differentiate his brand from his competitors and tell the story it deserved.

What We Did

Services (Brand Positioning Workshop)

Through our Brand Positioning Workshop, Ed worked with our expert branding consultants to define his brand’s story. This includes defining the brand’s core message, understanding his target audience and his customer’s emotional pain points.

Following our proven 7 step program, we worked with Ed to reposition his brand and help him define his business story in a way which would resonate with his target audience.

Intrepid Protection

Protection An Absolute

No Shortcuts to Certainty

Creating Your Story

Services (Website Design & Build)

To create Intrepid Protection’s story, our Head of Creative Mark worked closely with our Front End Developer to create a website which visually communicates Intrepid’s brand, whilst providing clear information on pricing and services.

Deviating from a blue which is associated with Intrepid Risk Management, Mark re-envisioned the brand identity of Intrepid’s Protection services, introducing a rich Gold and Black colour palette which visually communicates the quality of service Intrepid Protection provides.

Following our best practice, our team came together to create a website which would tell Intrepid Protection’s story in a way that would maximise conversion rates, and is responsive across all devices.

Telling Your Story

Services (Pay Per Click Management)

We Position Your Brand, Create Your Story, and then Tell Your Story to the right audience.

A story can only be told to an audience that wants to listen. We are experts in digital marketing and through Pay Per Click Management, Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Advertising, we ensure your advertisements reach the right audience and are fully optimised for increased enquiries. We have recently launched Intrepid Protection’s Pay Per Click Campaign, directing traffic to dedicated website landing pages in order to maximise conversion.

What They Said

Intrepid Protection
Rebrand for Intrepid Protection
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Before and After

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Website screenshot after RACER worked on it.
Website screenshot before RACER worked on it.

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