Brand Refresh for ECON Group

econ web site

The Econ Group approached RACER Marketing to assist in their transition to a group of companies with a common banner and in turn to build a new website to highlight the growth in their company.

In order to establish a clear brief and help Econ establish their place in the market, we carried out a Brand Position Workshop.

The workshop gave both us and Econ an insight to why clients choose them and helped them to discern; what they sold to who on what emotional platform. With this understanding of their OESP they could then establish their brand position.

Following the Workshop, our creative team took the existing and well established visual identity and brought it up to date. The key elements were arranged so that could not only be used in a flexible way but in balance with the company’s new group status. With each element of the group having its own identity that reflected its membership to the umbrella brand.

This work formed the basis of a brand guideline document that would set the tone for the printed and digital material. With this in place a complete suite of stationery, uniforms and van livery was created and work commenced on an overhaul of the companies web platform.