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The fastest way to attract new business is with video.

Facebook business is predicting that by 2020 75% of data consumption will be video.

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Video Production Services


Awe your audience with a fascinating brand story beautifully woven into a video


At Racer Marketing, we are the experts in video production London. For several decades, we have been successfully serving both local and international clients, working across various sectors including retail, automotive, medical, engineering and more.


As one of the London’s top-notch video production companies, we strive to deliver result-driven videos that perfectly integrate into your digital marketing campaign. We offer comprehensive video production services, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Before the camera begins to roll, we team up on ideas to create exceptional videos that exceed expectations.    


  • Narrate Your Brand Story: The best thing about video production in London is that it does not necessarily have to be regarding sales. Enthralling storytelling lies at the heart of our videos, empowering you to brief your brand story in the most impressive manner. Our highly engaging videos are a great way to “make a sale without making a sale.” We believe that when you showcase your value to the potential customers, sales will automatically fly through.


  • Innovation: Having decades of experience in this field, we have mastered the art of innovation in video production and marketing. We not only create an awe-inspiring corporate video, documentaries, sales webinars or testimonial videos but also advice you on harnessing the right platform to ensure they perform the best.


  • Genuine Results: We do not just create amazing videos; we guarantee desired outcomes too. Having vast knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, we ensure all our videos are well optimised to increase visibility on search engines and social networking platforms. And better visibility means better conversions. With in-depth video marketing consultation, we help to boost your brand awareness across all platforms, driving guaranteed results.       


Why ‘Videos’?


Wondering why you should integrate videos into your digital marketing campaign?


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people hardly have the time to matter how awesome your piece of content is. But when you transform it into a video, it renders magical results. The reason – people prefer to watch and listen to what is being said than reading. Videos are more engaging and offer a personalised touch to the information being delivered.


Recent studies suggest that websites having videos are more engaging, generate more leads and retain the attention span of the customers for longer. According to experts, videos hold 8 times higher chance of converting into a sale than any other medium. Additionally, the fast-growing popularity of video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo has further spiked the importance of videos.


The social media giant, Facebook, predicts that by 2020, 75% of their total data consumption will be videos. By integrating videos into your website, the chance of getting to the top rankings of Google increases by over 50%. Videos have the potential to increase your brand awareness instantly, weaving your story in the form of colours, sounds, and graphics that visually appeal to your audience.   


Considering the above, you simply cannot miss harnessing the potential of videos in boosting your website traffic, visibility and conversions.


What Do We offer?


At Racer Marketing, we love creating awesome content. Professional video production in London is our forte. And we achieve brilliant results with the aid of our highly competent team of directors, producers, VFX artists, sound designers, animators, DOPs, drone operators, data wranglers and colour graders. We have taken video production to the next level, offering a gamut of services to our valued clients:


  • Planning: We believe that the success of any video production and marketing strategy lies in effective planning. That is why we leave no stone unturned to precisely understand what you want and how we can help you achieve that.


  • Creating a Brand Story: Our highly competent creative and production teams have the proficiency to render comprehensive video content for your brand. From witty explainer animations to sophisticated corporate videos, how-to’s, punchy Call-to-Actions and testimonial video – we can do it all. 


  • Video Shooting: When we have the brand film in place, next is our stage of video production. Whether it is at your client’s location, your office space or our dedicated studios in London, we will go that extra mile to create wonderful, engaging videos that touch the hearts of your audience.


  • VFX: Our team of VFX artists can bring life to your videos using a wide range of software and modern tools such as Nuke, Adobe and Cinema 4D. From special effects to motion graphics and text, they promise to create the most inspiring and compelling videos. 


  • Editing: We have a team of experienced editors having produced fabulous video content for corporate and brands. They are proficient in technical arts, giving that final touch to the content that makes it exceptional.


Racer Marketing proudly acclaims a diverse portfolio of video production in London, including everything from corporate videos to 3D animations, television ads, digital campaigns, time-lapses and testimonial video.


Choose the Best Video Production Company in the Heart of London


We are the best video production company in London, having the superb infrastructure, excellent talent pool and artistic professionalism that help us deliver the best.


  • Experience: We have years of knowledge and experience in video production London, creating outstanding content that attracts, engages and retains your audience.


  • We are Smarter: When it comes to creating video content, we are a little smarter than others. Before the reel gets rolling, we put a sincere effort to understand customer psychology, ask questions, brainstorm unique ideas and add a simple Call to Action to drive conversions.


  • Video Marketing: We do not just create videos; we also know the art and science of marketing them effectively to generate desired results. This includes anything from SEO optimisation to linking the videos to other digital campaigns, uploading on social media sites and every other possibility.


  • Fair and Transparent Pricing: Being a leader in video production London, we ensure 100% client satisfaction and best pricing for professional services.


Racer Marketing is from where creativity begins. Trust us for excellent video production and marketing services and give your brand a significant boost. Call us today to request a FREE price quote.   

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What's included in testimonial video packages?

From each day of filming you get the following:

One x 1.5 minutes long master video

The optimum time of a testimonial video.

We interview your client

Ensuring you get a good review is essential. We carefully work with you to create 10 questions to ask your client.

Three x mini clips cut to 30 seconds

Increasing your chances of getting to the front page of Google by over 50% by adding videos to your website.

Beautifully edited using your brand

Post-editing in our studios with your brand increases trust in your online marketing.

Uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo, social channels & your website

Instantly increase your brand awareness.

Filmed at your client's location

Included in the package is 10 free miles of travel to your client's location.

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