Which phrases or keywords work best for SEO?

Which phrases or keywords work best for SEO?

Which phrases or keywords work best for SEO?

Adjusting your SEO content strategy, to match the way your customers research your product or service will greatly reduce the costs of your marketing. 

It begins with a good Search Engine content strategy, based on what your customers are actually searching for vs what you think they are searching for.

If you knew what your customers wanted, would you have more customers?

It’s so important to understand what words and phrases your customers are using when they  search for your product or service.

This may sound obvious but so often when we are working with our clients, we soon find that what their customers are searching for, is very often not what they think it is.

There are several ways you can get into the mind of your customers, and find the phrases they are using to research a product.

How to find the best keywords for your SEO

This article will help you research the best keywords for your marketing campaign:

  1. Answer The Public - The ace in (one's) hand
  2. Using the Google Ads Keyword planner
  3. Ground baiting with Google Ads - Advanced technique

Answer The Public - The ace in (one's) hand

Answer the public - what do they think of seo phrases?
Answer The Publics Screen shot

You don’t know what you don’t know. Is the mindset we should take when you first sit down to look at the content marketing strategy for your business.

Trying to remove your own personal bias on what you think a customer may be searching for. 

This is where really does come into play. Starting your research here will reveal some hidden gems.

As an example if you search for marketing it will reveal many results but one jumped to my mind “how marketing influences consumer behavior” - Immediately that makes me consider what types of content I could research on this subject and add value to our customers.

In brief this is how it works:

  • Removes personal bias 
  • Gives you instant keyword research
  • FInds opportunities for new content

The free version will give you a great starting point to find new phrases and content ideas, there are also paid modules with additional features. Please note there is a limit to how many searches you can run in one day for free.

It starts the conversation with: are, can, how, what, who, why and will. It then uses Google predictions to find the most relevant phrases it can find. Presenting it in a wheel that sparks ideas for content.

Answer teh public wheel of informatoin for SEO
Answer the public wheel

Using the Google Ads Keyword planner

You will need

  • A Google ads account.
  • A website or landing page

You will find the tool under Tools and Settings > Planning > Keyword planner.

Google PPC keyword planner is great for finding keywords for your seo
Google PPC keyword planner

You can see from the screen shot above it is an easy interface to use and with some experimentation it will start to give you some ideas on keywords and data.

Ground baiting with Google Ads - Advanced technique

TIP You will require knowledge on how to set up Google PPC campaigns which is outside of this article. 


  1. Create a broad PPC search campaign within Google Ads
  2. Monitor search terms that trigger ads
  3. Monitor Click Through Rates (CTR) and engagement with search terms to gauge the best phrases to use for the future.

Be aware of:

  • Set a testing budget for the campaign before you start
  • Don’t run the campaign beyond your budget
  • Set low budgets or caps to prevent over spend
  • Be aware of potential trends and seasonal variations
  • Use the negative keyword lists to reduce spend when the campaign starts to reveal the data

Depending on your testing budget it will show you what people are searching for and clicking, in the long term you can write great content for and direct your strategy going forward.

We have noticed that the data revealed can highlight lower volume keywords and long tail keyword combinations that are not always found with the other research tools.

*This strategy is NOT free, you should only spend what you can afford to invest.  

I hope this has helped you find some interesting content that will help you with your SEO.

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