What is a good Call to Action?

What is a good Call to Action?

Improving call to actions on your website will get a better return on investment in your online marketing.

What will you learn in this article about call to actions?

  • What is a call to action?
  • Understanding the intent of your prospects
  • Essential semantics
  • The colour can make or break it

1 - What is a call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is a reason for a user to an action on a website. In online marketing it induces a user to fill out a contact form or buy a product online.Generally using a button or a hyper link to a contact form.

2 - Understanding the intent of your prospects

Understanding the person behind the prospector lead is more important than ever. Your marketing message could be lost without the correct context for the call to action.

Convincing your audience to think youare the best choice for them today, will require a well-crafted call to action and can mean the difference between a good or bad return on your marketing budget.

TIP: When creating a CTA remember these simple things
  • If you were your next customer what questions would be crossing your mind?
  • Ssk your last 10 customers what made them think of you as a solution to their problem and use that as inspiration for good CTAs.
  • If you are selling a physical product then think about why they are buying product.

Timing is everything for your message.

With so many researching options available to customers online, the window for choosing a solution is happening higher up the sale funnel.

Depending on the value of the service or product you are offering, your next customer will be evaluating up to 5 other companies simultaneously.

The active research phase online will cover these areas:

  • Ability to deliver
  • Your customer service
  • Brand perception
  • Sustainability
  • Finally, price

If you know what the pain points are in the buying journey for your customers, then addressing this issue directly within the CTA will drive up conversions.

TIP: At what stage are they when researching your service or product?

Every service or product will have different triggers to a customer, but they all have one thing in common. The research phase. Depending on how large an investment the purchase is, the phase can go from years to seconds. But what is essential in your marketing is knowing at what point they are in the buying decision.

  • Research
  • Tender / evaluate
  • Compare proposals
  • Buy

3 - Essential semantics

 An example of weak CTAs without good semantics:

Contact Sales

Enquire Now

Examples of strong CTA’s

A short paragraph just before the CTA as part of the button or call out box:

I need help with a new project : Contact Sales

I have a new project : Contact our new project team today

Need help with launching a new business? : Speak with our friendly award-winning team

4 - The colour can make or break it

An area that often gets missed is making the CTA stand out from a crowded page. Make it bold,on brand and clear to find when designing your website.

Remember CTA’s function best if they are GREEN or RED, but with one warning you use colour pallets that are part of your brand guidelines.

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