Simple Ways to Increase Enquiries on Your Website

Simple Ways to Increase Enquiries on Your Website

Simple Ways to Increase Enquiries on Your Website

For many business owners, they often think that the most effective way to increase the number of enquiries from their business is to increase their budget. Say if you spend £500 per month and get 5 enquiries, you can easily spend £1000 and get 10 enquiries per month.

The maths is simple, if you carry on what you are doing and spend more money, you will more than likely get more business.

A/B Testing

You may think that improving your website is a daunting task that may not pay off so it can be seen as more reliable to not make any drastic changes. But with A/B testing it is easy to make small changes to your site that can be tracked and measured to ensure that they are paying off quickly.

There are many A/B testing tools on the market, but at RACER Marketing we use Google Optimise as it works for a majority of website platforms. This means that even if the site is built on an uncommon platform that many developers aren’t familiar with, you can still make changes to the site that benefit the number of enquiries positively.

Updating Images

In a recent A/B test we did for an ecommerce site, we found that just by changing the image on the homepage, we were able to increase the revenue generated online. One version of the page had a conversion rate of 1.68%, but, the new version generated over 2.28%.

In future weeks we will increase the percentage of people visiting the new page, and then once we are sure that it is the strongest version, we will send 100% of site visitors to the new page.

Using google optimise to increase website converstion rates
A/B Testing on Google Optimise

Adding Video Testimonials

Many business owners that we speak to know that they have a great product, the only problem is getting people on the phone. Once you have that initial contact it is often easy to win a customer over, you can highlight the unique qualities of your business and set up a meeting or appointment.

But, through video you can explain these benefits even before you get someone to call up. Think about how many extra people would ring you if they already knew what sets your company apart.

Research does show that adding video to your site can increase enquiries by up to 80%, which can mean that a video is a great long term investment in your business. 

Video increases conversions
When video is added to a website we have seen dramatic increases to conversion rates

Make Improvements on Certain Browsers

If you are thinking about running an A/B test you may find that you only want to improve things on the mobile version of your site. With an increasing trend for using a mobile device to make a purchase, you may find that your site which was built a few years ago looks great on desktop, but isn’t quite right for mobile.

Have a look at your site on a mobile phone and see if the information is laid out in the correct way, do all of the buttons look right? Are they clearly visible? If they aren’t you may want to make some improvements to the mobile version of your website.

This could mean moving a form higher up the page or making images slightly smaller so the key benefits of your site are more visible.

Clearer Calls to Action

For many site visitiors, especially on a mobile device it can be hard to find the information you need quickly. Although phone screen sizes are generally getting larger, people now want to find the information they need quicker than ever before.

Have a look at some of your competitors sites, is the information laid out and easy to find? If it isn’t, there might be a good opportunity for you to make improvements that will quickly take some of their potential business.

Live Chat

One of the easiest ways to get customers to contact you is to add a live chat to your site. There are many people on the market who offer this service but we personally prefer Leadoo for the level of customisation that it offers.

Depending on the questions that are asked, you can send people to certain pages on your site, or you can give different automated responses. This means that even if you aren’t directly able to answer the phone or reply to an email, customers can still find the information they need quickly and easily.

Fixed Click to Call on Mobile

For many mobile visitors, a fixed click to call can be an easy way of encouraging people to call you. This means that whatever page a visitor is on, your phone number will always be displayed. Even if you scroll down the page the phone number will remain visible.

For one of our sites we like to use this option to advertise that they offer 24/7 telephone support, so even if it is late at night customers can see that option and know that someone will be there to answer the call.

Increasing Site Speed

If you are a little more technically minded or have a web developer you work with, you may have already considered your site speed. 

If you haven’t yet done this, improving your site speed is one of the most reliable ways to increase the amount of visitors to your site. GTMetrix is a great tool that shows you improvements to your site that you can make in order to get it to load faster.

You can even compare your site with one of your competitors to find out things that they are doing which you can do to get more visitors.

If you are looking at Search Engine Optimisation to get your site to rank higher, Google now looks at the mobile version of your site when deciding where to place it in the rankings. This means that ideally your site should fully load in 3 seconds or less. If it takes any longer, people may get bored and visit another site which they can access faster.

To make your website load faster could be as simple as improving the hosting or upgrading any plugins on your wordpress website. And regular website maintenance will help reduce bootlenecks in site speed.


Try some of the above steps to see if you can increase the percentage of people that get in touch with you. If you need any help with the above steps, give one of the team at RACER Marketing a call.

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