List your Products on Google Shopping for Free

List your Products on Google Shopping for Free

Do you want to promote your products on Google Shopping for free?

For many e-commerce businesses, Google Shopping has historically been the main way to drive sales online. Picture based adverts easily highlight product features in a way that regular text based adverts have never been able to effectively capture.

The main problem with this though, is that for many small businesses, Google Shopping adverts were complicated to set up and even more complicated to maintain and run on a regular basis.

Google then launched Smart Campaigns but many retailers found that they were unable to have the same level of control that they had before using traditional Shopping Campaigns.

In Google's most recent attempt to be the leader of e-commerce they have introduced free listings on Google Shopping. Currently, this is only available to US based customers, but it is anticipated that it will be released in other countries soon.

A screenshot from Google US showing paid and organic shopping results

If you look closely, the above screenshot shows the top row of lists have an icon in the right hand corner labelled 'sponsored' indicated that they are paid.

In the second row, the images have 'About' and if you hover over the icon the following text appears.

Items are ranked based on relevance to your search terms. Some ads data is used to improve the quality of results. Google is not compensated for clicks into these results.

If you click on the first listing for Aspinal of London, you can see that Google has picked some of the product details from the website.

Free listings shown on Google Shopping

This preview text is important as it shows that Google has understood that your website contains products which are relevant to someone's search.

If you would like to get listed for free on Google Shopping you must sign up for Google Merchant Centre.

To opt in, select “Growth” and then “Manage programs” in the left navigation menu and select the “surfaces across Google” program card. If you have a wide range of products you can also add products that you might not want to run paid ads for to your product feed, to make even more products discoverable in these free listings.

When providing web design services in London we always suggest Google Shopping as one of the most effective ways to sell your products online.

If you would like to do this for yourself, visit Google's help section or speak to the team at RACER Marketing.

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