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How do I Promote My Ecommerce Business?

You cannot go wrong with the idea that if you are in the place where your customers look to buy, you will get more sales.

But a major issue you need to address that is you are not the only one selling, engaging, and advertising there. 

In this article, we will cover a number of strategies to help you maximise sales from your e-commerce business.

Where are your buyers located?

Focus on the channels that your buyers are actually using. 

This will surprise you, but most buyers are placing orders after seeing an advert on the most popular social media channels. 

It doesn’t mean no one is buying on those platforms but what research shows that the average order value is much higher on less popular platforms such as Pinterest, compared to more commonly used platforms like YouTube.

Consider this, did you know that Pinterest has the most buyers double those from Facebook and other platforms?

What’s unique about Pinterest users is they proactively search for things rather than just passively scrolling through a feed. 

And this system creates a higher rate conversion than the average social platform channels using a more passive passed feed.

Increase the Reach of Your E-commerce Site

Look at promoting your business across multiple channels in order to attract more buyers.

Where possible, you need to expand the reach of your brand to cover different touch points as different people will be buying at different times of the day through different mediums. 

This can create higher visibility and with promotions and target messaging on these multiple channels, you will get more sales online. 

Buyers now check a range of sites before they decide on buying and channel loyalty is a thing of the past now. Even if you offer promotions and discounts s, consumers still compare which one is better from the rest. Especially with regular purchases of lower values people often chose to buy from whichever store has their favourite brand for cheaper.

Retarget Potential Buyers

Unfortunately, when promoting your business online it is easy for a potential customer to get distracted and not make a purchase.

Retargeting is a way to close a sale that didn’t happen. 

If you have an effective marketing strategy in place you can rely on information that you have collected and use it to launch marketing campaigns for your other products or upcoming items, promo, and offerings. 

This is typically done through email marketing to a list that you have collected of cart abandonments, or it can be done through image-based adverts across social media.

Shopify has a built in tool to do this or if you have a WordPress site it can be done through Mailchimp.

Think about if your site has a record of dropped orders, do you ever get in touch with them and try to encourage them to buy again?


You can start by promoting your e-commerce with high conversion rate platforms such as Pinterest. As you progress, you can scale up by using other platforms such as Google. 

If you need help with promoting your e-commerce business, have a look at the other articles on our knowledge Hub or get in touch with the team at RACER Marketing.